Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves

1 World Solar supply and install a range of high efficiency wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

We particularly like wood burning stoves, as burning wood is a CO2 neutral process, which means that no additional CO2 is given off to add to global warming. The CO2 captured in the wood is simply released again, so the wood gives off the same amount of CO2 as if it were decomposing on the forest floor.


p>We specialise in installing only stoves which achieve some of the highest heat efficiencies on the European market. Our stoves are tested to meet the highest possible standards, both CE and UK smoke control exempt, (ability to burn wood in smoke control zones).

We can offer a wide variety of stoves including the wide selection available from our supply partner Firebox Stoves who have an excellent showroom in Bristol where you can meet with us and view a wide selection of possible options and pick brochures.


In most cases installation involves the provision of a new high quality stainless steel twin wall flue liner and stainless steel chimney cowl, to maximise efficiency and minimise maintenance.

All 1 World Solar installations are signed off under Part J of the building regulations and will also benefit from a 1 year installation guarantee.

Back Boilers

A stove with a backboiler can be used to supplement your existing heating system or to entirely run your heating and hot water. As a rough rule of thumb domestic hot water generally takes 2.3-3kW (8-10,000 BTU), whilst an average radiator (3' x 4') takes around 1.5kW (5,000 BTU), we can advise you on the best combination to suit your needs.

Stainless steel backboilers tend to cost a little more than steel backboilers, but will last longer. Glass lined backboilers will tend to last longer than steel only backboilers.

Clip-in backboilers can be added to the stove at a later date and so are available seperately, but have a lower heat output than integral, factory fitted stove backboilers.

Integral backboilers are factory fitted and have a high heat output. Generally a stove with an integral backboiler will have a fairly low (1-5kW) output to the room and a high output to the boiler.

Important Notice

If you are in Bristol and most other towns and cities you will need a clean burning DEFRA approved stove of which there are now many.

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