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1 World Solar are very experienced installers of solar hot water heating systems. Solar water heating or solar thermal, as it is also known, is a well established technology with over 100,000 systems installed in homes and commercial buildings throughout the UK. It is one of the best value green energy technologies and simple to install and use.

We offer solar water heating systems from a range of manufacturers. We can install or supply flat plate, evacuated tube, fully filled and drainback systems. We can also supply systems that are compatible with wood burning stoves, combi boilers and swimming pools.

How does it work?

The schematic opposite shows how a typical solar hot water system works. Solar collectors supply hot water to the bottom of a twin coil cylinder whenever the solar collectors are warmer than the bottom of the cylinder. In case of bad weather a back up boiler can heat the top of the cylinder - but turns off under thermostatic control, if the solar system has heated the water.

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