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1 World Solar are experienced professional PV installers accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

We supply and install a large range of PV panels for householders, commercial and farmers. Using our extensive design experience we can identify which PV panel and inverter best fits your requirements. We have mounting systems and inverters to suit all situations, including roof mounted, roof integrated, flat roof, wall mount and ground mount.

Each product offers a balance of economic and environmental benefits, from reducing electricity bills to lowering the impact on the environment. The innovative technology and the flexible design mean that our systems can be retrofitted onto existing roofs, or incorporated as part of the building envelope at construction stage.

What is PV?

Photovoltaic (PV for short) literally means turning ‘photons’ of light into ‘volts’ of electricity. PV panels contain semi-conductors such as silicon, which convert solar radiation into electricity. The electricity produced can be used to run appliances and lighting and can also be fed into the national grid.

The majority of the systems we install consist of simply mounting the panels onto an existing roof. They are mounted on an aluminium frame and then wired into an inverter which converts the electricity from DC into AC, at 230volts AC, compatible with the domestic electricity supply. This electricity supply feeds the house first of all, and then any surplus electricity is exported to the National Grid, not wasted.


Apart from the obvious financial and environmental benefits, there are many other benefits to installing a PV system in your home including:

  • No maintenance as there are no moving parts to go wrong, the panels are self-cleaning and generally last in excess of the usual 25 year guarantee.
  • Systems are noiseless and 100% emission-free.
  • Planning is generally not an issue, as they are classed as a ‘permitted development’ in most locations.
  • Solar PV systems do not need direct sunlight to produce electricity, and in fact operate more efficiently at lower temperatures.
  • Having your own power source means protection against rising energy prices.
  • Adds value to your property when you come to sell it.

Once installed on your roof the system immediately begins generating electricity, which flows into your electrical system to power your lights and appliances. Your property remains connected to the national grid, and when you are generating more electricity than you are using the excess flows into the grid. When your system is not generating enough electricity at night, you draw from the grid as normal.

Apart from the attractive PV modules on your roof, and the drop in your electricity bill, you will not notice any difference. Most people enjoy monitoring what their solar electric systems produce and often start using a less electricity because of their new awareness.

  • A South facing roof can have panels mounted onto the roof to maximise the energy capture or panels can be mounted in your garden using mounting structures that enable the panels to be angled and orientated in the most optimal direction.
  • A solar photovoltaic system can be mounted onto most types of property to help power your home and reduce your use of carbon based fuels.
  • In a new build or renovation application the roof material itself can comprise of solar tiles offering the best possible appearance.


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