Typical water usage in households


IFORE rainwater collector


IFORE graveity fed system


The IFORE rainwater harvesting system installed

The IFORE water tank

IFORE Rainwater Harvesting System


Over half of water used in the average home is flushing WC’s and in washing machines, and yet most people use expensive potable tap water for this purpose. This wastes water, costs money and results in unnecessary carbon emissions, but is avoidable if you install an IFORE rainwater harvesting system from 1 World Solar, which is suitable for most houses in the UK.

The IFORE Rainwater Harvesting system fits onto your roof with the tanks stored in the eaves of your loft. It is 100% gravity fed, durable, easy fit, low cost and can allow you to save money on your water bills!

Compared to a conventional rainwater harvesting system, the IFORE system has a number of great benefits:

Low cost solution - Reduction in mains water consumption
100% gravity fed - No requirement for electricity or pumps
Easy to install - No machinery or garden excavation

How does it work?

The rainwater that runs down the roof of your property is collected by the harvesting system, which is situated between the roof tiles. On average four roof tiles have to be removed for one rainwater harvesting collector, therefore leaving the opportunity for multiple systems to be installed. The recommended number is one collection tray per person e.g. four trays for a four person household.

The harvesting system is connected up to a water storage tank within the loft. A pre-filtration system is used to filter the water before entering the tank. The quantity of the water that can be stored is dependent on the size of the tank, with the option to install multiple tanks.

During low rainfall periods, the tank with automatically switch to mains water to keep the system flowing. The overflow can be connected to a further tank for use in the garden.


IFORE tests carried out over 2 years show that their rainwater harvesting system will make a big saving on your water bills, so long as you are on a water meter. Click HERE for further details of what IFORE predict you will typically save.

The product has been designed to tackle the never ending problem of increasing demand for water, but is also a money saving concept for homes. Water and electric bills are on the rise, as well as a need to increase the sustainability of homes for the present and the future.


1World Solar offer a complete installation service, including all roof work, installation of tanks and also rainwater connections to your WC’s and washing machine. We also supply directly for experienced DIYers or if you wanted to employ your local plumber to install it.

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