Hot Water Cylinders

All solar water heating systems require a cylinder of some sort to store the energy they collect. We have a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom cylinders available from manufacturers we have come to trust over the years.

Newark Copper Vented Cylinders

The favourite cylinder of the solar industry. Superb value, quality copper cylinders made to order and are available with a wide variety of standard or custom options:

Vented, un-vented, single/twin/triple coil, thermal store, integrated header tanks, solid fuel boiler coils and other custom options.

Please get in touch and we can help you choose the right spec for your project. Lead time is about 1 week.



Telford Un-vented (mains pressure) hot water cylinders

WRAS approved stainless steel twin and single coil mains pressure cylinders from 125 to 500 litres, complete with full safety kit.



McDonald Engineers

McDonald Engineers is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of hot water systems with an unrivaled reputation for quality and service. As a privately owned, independent manufacturer of hot water tanks, they are committed to delivering a flexible service which is designed to meet the needs of the current economic climate. Their experience in designing and developing hot water cylinders for renewable energy sources is second to none, including very large commercial cylinders.


1 World Solar have therefore built up a partnership with McDonalds, over a number of years, especially for large commercial installations. The photograph opposite shows a 2000 litre un-vented copper cylinder which has been finished with a high spec 100mm thick foam insulation to the exact specification of the client. In front is a solar discharge vessel also by McDonalds and a 300 litre potable water expansion vessel. All these items are mounted on a steel skid plate which was craned into place on the plant room roof. These were supplied as part of a solar system of 540 evacuated tubes at the new Jubilee Building at Taunton Musgrove Hospital.


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