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A recent EST in depth study has found that well-installed and operated heat pumps perform to a very high standard in UK homes and could expect to earn savings and income of around £1,350 a year on air source heat pumps. But what is a heat pump?


How does it work?

A heat pump is an electrically powered heating system which quite literally pumps freely available energy out of the ground or air. In principle it works just like your fridge at home, which pumps heat out of the inside of the fridge, making it cool. The clever bit is that it typically uses one unit of electricty to deliver around 3 units of heat into your building. This is known as the coefficient of performance or COP for short and it means that heat pumps are cheap to run and are low in carbon emissions. cheap to run and are low in carbon emissions. Heat pumps are a renewable heat source because they heat they supply ultimately comes from the sun, which warms the air and the ground.

Key considerations when considering a heat pump are:

  • * Most attractive where mains gas is un-available and so running cost and CO2 savings are greatest.
  • * Permitted development in most cases.
  • * RHI payments are available which can often pay for the system over 7 years
  • * Best suited to newer homes or older homes which have good all round insulation and double glazing already fitted.
  • * Works best with underfloor heating but is also suitable for standard radiators.
  • * With standard heat pumps larger radiators are sometimes required but there are also high temperature heat pumps available, which can avoid this issue.

Depending on where the heat pump extracts heat from it's either known as a ground source or air source heat pump.

Ground Source

Ground source Just two metres below the surface the temperature of the ground is a fairly constant 7-13°C. A ground source heat pump, located indoors, collects heat by means of a buried network of fluid-filled collector pipes, placed in the ground horizontally in trenches for which you do need a fairly decent sized plot of land. Alternatively if space is limited then vertical boreholes can be drilled. Higher capital cost than air source but very efficient and with very attractive RHI payments which can usually pay for the system in much less than seven years.

Air Source

Air source Air source heat pumps use the heat from the outside air and are the most popular choice of heat pump. You will need space outside for what to most people looks and sounds like a large air conditioning unit. Lower capital cost than ground source but less efficient with lower RHI payments.

We are an approved installer of Mitsubushi Ecodan Heat Pumps. By simply using a Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan air source heat pump to provide domestic space heating and hot water, it is possible to greatly reduce CO2 emissions and your home's running costs. Using proven heat pump technology widely used in the heating and cooling industry, Ecodan upgrades naturally occurring energy from the air and uses this to provide domestic space heating and hot water.

Air Source Heat Pump Savings (When Performing at 300%):

Existing System Money per year CO2 per year
Gas £130 800kg
Electric £610 5,270kg
Oil £310 1,640kg
Solid £330 5,410kg





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