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1 World Solar supply and install a range of high efficiency Biomass Burning Boiler systems that use a variety of fuel types.

A well-designed modern biomass boiler will work at 80-90% efficiency, and the most sophisticated boilers are as convenient as fossil fuel systems and can be fully automated:- The fuel fed into the boiler automatically with an auger; automatic ignition with a small electric hot plate; Some can even be turned on or off by texting from a mobile phone.

Carbon Neutrality

As burning wood produces only as much carbon dioxide as was absorbed when the tree was growing, or would be produced by the dead tree rotting in the forest, and if a tree is planted for every one felled (I.e. replaced at the rate at which they are removed) then the energy equation is balanced.

From an environmental point of view burning wood from a sustainable source neither adds to nor reduces the overall level of carbon dioxide in the environment (It would be a different situation if it was trees from a rain forest that were being cut down to be burnt.)

Wood fuels are often called carbon neutral. However, we need to consider the fuel used to transport the fuels. If wood fuels (which can be heavy and bulky) are transported large distances this will negate a lot of the environmental benefits they bring.

Fuel Types

Biomass heating is possibly the technology that offers the greatest savings to users but it is more complicated with a wide range of wood fuels available; Pellets, Chips and Logs. As a rule of thumb, logs are the cheapest wood fuel, Wood-chips in the middle, and wood-pellets the most expensive with regards to fuel costs. However, the inverse is generally true for installation costs; the wood-chip boilers are the most expensive systems to install whilst systems using pellet tend to be cheaper.

Room heaters are cheapest because they blow hot air into a single room. The cheapest boiler system is a log boiler that requires manual filling.

Also, the availability of the fuel you want to use is important.

  • If you are in a rural area logs may be readily available.
  • In more urban areas pellets may be more readily available.
  • Chips are available but you may have to enter into contracts with suppliers.

Do you want a system that can be fully automated or are you able to do some manual handling? Logs are manual and pellets are automatic so more convenient to use. .


A big issue for anyone wanting to install a biomass boiler is where they will house the boiler and the fuel store as the space required is larger than that taken up by an oil boiler and oil tank. Ideally, the fuel requirements of a property should be received in bulk just once or twice a year to keep transport costs down. Pellets are three times as bulky as oil and chips are about nine times as bulky as oil. It is generally recommend that pellet storage units have a minimum capacity to hold 4 tonnes or 6m³ as Pellet suppliers generally deliver three tons at a time without a delivery charge. So you want space for that plus a bit more so that you don’t have to be completely empty before ordering the next load.

In most cases installation also involves the provision of a new high quality stainless steel twin wall flue liner and stainless steel chimney cowl, to maximise efficiency and minimise maintenance.

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