Feed in Tariff for solar panels


Depending on you roof area, orientation, shading, electricity usage and other factors. Contact us for a budget quote and financial estimate for your project.

Until the end of March 2018 the Feed in Tariff (FIT) rates for systems up to 10kW are

All PV generation 3.93p/kWh (regardless of self use)

Export (assumed to be 50%) 5.03p/kWh

Of course the other important saving is displaced electricity which doesn't have to be be purchased, saving typically 15p/kWh.

These days the so called 'degressions' are on a planned basis for the generation tariff as follows:

April 1st 2018: 3.85p/kWh

July 1st 2018: 3.78p/kWh

So its always better to install sooner rather than later to get the highest tariff.




What is the Feed in Tariff?


Feed in Tariff is the financial incentive paid for the total generation from a PV system, regardless of whether you use all of the electricity in your own home. Up to 4kW, FIT pays 12.47 pence per kilowatt hour (p/kWh) of electricity generated, plus an extra 4.85p/kWh for electricity exported to the grid, with all payments being for 20 years, tax free and index linked.


Yes definitely! Whilst the there have been some recent much publicised reductions in the FIT, these have been more than matched by less well known, but massive, reductions in equipment costs, such that a PV system a better investment now than it was when FIT was first introduced in April 2010.

A typical 4kW system costing £6,450 (Including Free EPC Energy Rating++) will generate a combined FIT income and electricity saving of around £946 per year such that payback is 7.4 years and the internal rate of return on investment is 15.2% (*calculation based on PV Guide 3.7.2 for a south facing un-shaded roof at 30 degree pitch, with 3% RPI, 5% fuel inflation and panel output reduction to 80% over 25 years - please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for full details of this calculation).


Its an even better investments for farmers and commercial property owners who can fit larger 10-50kW systems, earning up to a 20% return on investment.

What are Energy Performance Certificates


Since April 1st 2012 it has been a requirement to have an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of 'D' or above before FIT can be claimed. We will arrange for this completely free of charge for home owners (++assuming you eventually go ahead with a PV system from us) via our recommended EPC provider SHINE Energy Services so this is not usually an issue if you are in a house with a cavity wall, loft insulation and a modern boiler.

If you have bought your house in the last few years you probably already have one. CLICK HERE TO CHECK YOUR EPC.


However from December 2012 there is an exemption from meeting the energy efficiency requirements of EPC Level D or above for community, school and further education colleges and projects by community organisations on non-domestic buildings. A ‘community energy’ project is one in which the generation or export is carried out by: 1) community interest company; 2) a co-operative society; or 3) a community benefit society.


If in an older house then please use this Home Energy Check tool from EST to estimate whether you are likely to achieve a D rating and send us the PDF results file. If you are estimated to be a D rating or above then we can proceed with a survey, quote and order and then issue you with your free EPC certificate, just before the installation. However if you are an estimated E or lower then you will need to have EPC survey and assessment to confirm exactly what rating you currently are so that SHINE and ourselves will advise on the best way to achieve a D rating, which may include low energy lights, loft insulation or a new boiler and/or central heating controls installed by us, prior to the PV installation.

Green Deal

You can get up to 37% of the cost of your PV system paid for under the Green Deal, which could include the cost of renewables, bundled in with other measures such as loft insulation or cavity wall fill. For further details of the scheme and how to get a Green Deal Assessment please click here.