Free Home Heating Estimate: Biomass Boilers & Heat Pumps

For a free Biomass Boiler or Heat Pump estimate simply complete the form below.
The form asks for a lot of information, but the more detail you can provide the more accurate our estimates will be.

If you have any questions or would rather talk through the options feel to call our Bristol office on 0117 941 1663.

1. Enter Your Postcode Here and click 'Find'.

2. Now drag the red marker and position it directly over the roof of your house.

Note that postcodes are not unique to one house, therefore the initial marker position could be quite a few meters away from your home. In this case, you may find it useful to use the vertical slider in the top left to zoom out the map and get your bearings.


3. Home Heating Details (for heat pumps and biomass boilers)

Now you've located your house, please complete the following questionnaire so we can estimate what size boiler you require and provide you with a budget quote. Initially we will do this from your existing boiler make, model and output (e.g. 12kW or 40,000BTU's), so these are very essential bits of information which can be read from the front of  the boiler itself, by pulling down the front cover or from the user guide.

If you have any difficulty answering any of the questions, please phone our office on 0117 941 1663 and we'll be glad to help.

What Happens Next?
By answering the above questions we can estimate the likely heating system size and send you a budget quote, which we'll do by return e-mail. If this price is acceptable and you're keen to proceed then we will need to carry out a detailed heat loss assessment and carry out a full system design.