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Our over roof PV project for Phil Davies from Bath





Davies, Bath


System size:
Estimated annual output:
Estimated annual CO2 savings:

Not all roofs are simple rectangles and often there are Velux windows we have to work around. We always offer a bespoke design to maximise your PV system, whereas some companies can only offer a small range of rectangular kits.


“Thanks to the 1 World Solar team my 2.5 kW PV system has earned me over £850 in ten months plus my electricity bills have been reduced. The fuss free fitting took 4 days and all the ancillaries are completely unobtrusive. I have 14 solar panels arranged around 2 similar sized Velux windows so they have a “designed in” look. All I have to do is send in my meter reading every quarter and the cheque arrives 4 weeks later. I have another reason to enjoy sunny days!”


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